Water Park

Water Park

It is China’s largest and the most advanced indoor theme water amusement park. All the recreational facilities were imported from the world’s top-notch suppliers. Some of them are winners of the world-renowned awards, which are very popular among tourists. Among them is the world’s first recreational facility. Then there are lovely small dolphins to meet children.


The transparent bubbles have added to the water element in the interior of the water park. In addition, part of the rides and attractions are all made of translucent materials. To these are added coral reefs, jellyfish, seaweeds and shoals that are as if moving in water against the dream-like lights and music. Tourists may feel as if coming to a dream-like underwater world.


Rides and Attractions

1.      Deep-water Tornado

Starting from a tall tower, riders sit facing each other in a specially designed 4-leaf clover tube. They first rush down along a fully-enclosed long chute to experience the thrills of a 90-degree turn at an accelerated speed, then head into a 180-degree turn before racing down in a huge drop into a huge funnel, where a vertical ride brings the riders to the other side of the funnel before dropping into a pool below after uninterrupted shakes.


2. Aqualoop

This is Asia’s first 76-meter aqualoop. Riders first climbs to the top of the high-speed circulating chute and enter the starting capsule and then plunge in a 40-foot free fall into the looping slide.


3. Kids Pool

This pool offers special slides designed for small children in the pool with a variety of water toys. Children can splash around by controlling the ropes and valves of the water toys and “fight” with water guns. It is a shallow pool only for children, preferably with the company of parents.


4. Ridehouse

This Ride House offers all the exciting fun of water toys: Water jets water cannons … It has 12 slideways, more than any other water play structure in the world.


5.Bullet Bowl

Starting at the top of a tower, two riders are seated in a double tube, racing down a fully-enclosed chute into a horizontal bowl at the maximum speed before racing around the edge, down to a central hole and drop into the corkscrew exit pool, where the tube is reduced to a drift. The ride features a unique tunnel-like run-in and an exquisite bowl type chute that gives a truly awesome centrifugal experience.


6. Wonderland Drifting

The wonderland is a circulating river, where riders can lie on water tubes and drift along it in a relaxed manner, either enjoying the landscape of the park or chat with family members and friends or thinking about the next thrilling attraction.


7. Crazy Tsunami

This is a wave pool that gives the real feeling of bracing the tides on the beaches. The waves are generated at every 60-minute interval. A whole family may splash around and enjoy the excitement and adventure of bobbing up and down on the simulated ocean or may lie in the swallow water to enjoy the pleasure brought about sea waves.


8. Sea-Bottom Shuttle

Two riders start at the top of a tower in a double inflated tubes, racing down through 180-degree and 360-degree all-enclosed tubes at a rapid speed, ending in a big fall into the pool below to drift.


9. Bubble Pool

The pool is an ideal site for relaxing after experiencing slideway thrills. The comfortable flow of water drives away the fatigue and vexations, providing an opportunity for families and friends to enjoy.


10. Serpentine Speed Slide

The all-enclosed serpentine speed slide allows riders to get the heart-throbbing, head pounding and water splashing experience. The slideway is absolutely safe. Besides, there is a superb translucent slideway that gives pleasure to both riders and onlookers.


11. Magic Water Stage

The eye-popping water drums, the graceful ballet and hot and spicy numbers – all go to create a fiery passion for the summer days.


Ride and Attraction Policies:

1.      In order to ensure your legitimate rights and interests of riders, please buy tickets at the regular ticket offices;once sold, the tickets are not refundable

2.     Children stand less than 1.5 meters and old people above the age of 60 must be accompanied by their guardians.

3.     Swimwear, towels and shower articles are not available.

4.     Lockers are rented with a deposit and settlement is made by swiping the RFID wristbands.

5.     Smoking is banned. The following items shall not be brought into the Park: Food and beverages, slippers, glassware, floating mat, surfing boards and any inflated swimming aids bigger than 50 cm in diameter.

6.     Admission is refused to persons with hypertension, heart disease, hepatitis, severe trachoma, acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis, tympanitis, schizophrenia, skin disease, asthma, bone fracture or dislocation and epileptics, and people under the influence of alcohol and people who have Intestinal Infectious Diseases, mental disease and VD; patients with communicable diseases, pregnant women and others physically not fit for violent movements.

7.     We request the understanding from visitors that, in order to ensure safety, part of the facilities may not open or may not open at the designate hours due to troubles, servicing or other causes and the time for checking may not be confirmed or announced. Part of the facilities has the tallness, age and weight restrictions. For specifics, please consult staff members.


Tour Guide

1.     Check-in

2.     Rent lockers and pre-charge consumption card

3.     Leave valuables at deposit

4.     Clothes change/store up/starting tour

5.     Take shower/put on clothes

6.     Retrieve valuables

7.     Return wristband and retrieve the balance of payment

8.     Exit


The following objects and articles are now allowed into the park:

1.  Food and beverages;

2.  Floating mat, surfing boards and any inflated swimming aids bigger than 50 cm in diameter;

3.   Glassware, roller skater, skating shoes and any vehicles without driving power;

4.  Colorful banners, flags and high-pitched loudspeakers.



1.  In order to keep the water clean, all people within the pool area must be attired in swimming apparel;

2.  In order to prevent loss and damage and ensure personal safety and avoid damaging recreational facilities, keep your personal belongings like watches,glasses, jewelry and hairpins and headbands in your lockers before playing in case of loss or any accident.



1.  Please conduct yourselves in good manners and respect fellow visitors and working staff members, refraining from using abusive or profane languageor taking any dangerous, rule-violating or rude acts. 

2.  Please refrain from such improper conducts such as cutting in out of turn, occupy positions, spit on the floor, litter and eat in the pool.


Special Reminders

1.     Visitors are required to read the information for visitors carefully before entering the park

2.     The park has the right to deny admission or ask to leave the park if anyone does not observe the rules and do anything that are dangerous, rude or violating the law or seriously affect others in their activities or threatening the safety of others.

3.     Visitors are required to observe all the rules of the park and get acquainted with the rules of each ride and attraction before starting playing. It is at his or her own risk if anyone has caused financial losses or personal injuries of others due to violating the related rules or out of their own reasons. 


Inquiries: 010-84378966/8963